11/12/14 - first update of this side section in about 4 years!

Here it is - A weekly show on the internet, still in production! Although not weekly anymore. To watch the episodes you only need 2 things:

1. Any modern version of Windows Media Player or VLC Media Player. Not hard to find these days.

2. An internet connection, preferably a high speed one. If you are still on dial up, you have no excuse anymore. You need to get out of the stone age, or move to where there is high speed internet!

If you have an Apple / Mac computer, go to yahoo or google and search for the "Windows for Quicktime" codec and download it. Apple is always saying how great their computers are and how they can do anything. But they need special help to play a Windows Media 9 (.wmv) video file!

My equipment that I use to make the shows:

Canon ZR45MC Mini-DV camera. Still using the original camera after 11-1/2 years!

A computer I built myself, with a Z87 chipset motherboard, Intel i3-4130, 280X GPU, and 16GB of RAM.