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Hard work never killed anyone, but why take a chance?

7/2/15 -- Hey everyone, we have had a few big news stories in the past week. I could go into lots of detail on them, but just to summarize:

Donald Trump was right in what he said about the Mexicans, the crybaby liberals never want to hear the truth if it doesn't match up with the fantasy world they live in. I saw a lot of Mexicans when I lived in L.A., and let's just say there were VERY few in the middle class or upper class of society.

The whole confederate flag thing is another huge joke, people picking something to get all offended over. And tv stations taking The Dukes Of Hazzard off the air because of the confederate flag on the car? The one that no one made a huge fuss over in the past 30 years? Utterly ridiculous.

The supreme court is wrong. I say no marriage for gays / homos / lgbts, whatever they want to call themselves. Marriage is between a man and woman, no matter what sex these people think they really are in whatever body they were born in.

Where has my America gone?

Episode 176? Haven't gotten around to filming it yet, although I do have the idea all set. It will be about these fast food workers that think they deserve $15 an hour. They absolutely do NOT. I can get it filmed and up sometime in July.

And visit this site for a very informative history of Bitcoin, as discussed in episode #174:

The history of Bitcoin interactive slide show.

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