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If you have any unusual or interesting photos that you'd like to share with the rest of the world on the Internet, send them to me. I might post them here if I like them also. Include a detailed description of what the photo is about.

4/1/23 - It's been a while since I added new photos, so for the 20th anniversary of this website and webshow, here's a few new ones!

2/2/16 - Here's the American work ethic, at least for some people that I know!

5/21/14 - I like this photo, it seems so appropriate these days!

10/29/13 - We haven't had a new photo for a while, so here's one that some uninformed people might say about me.

2/9/10 - Time for some new photos here, it's been a while! I'd call this one "ingenuity".

And this one, also posted on 2/9/10, is a year after Obama began "hope and change-ing" the country. Funny and true!

11/18/8 -- I totally agree with this photo! Hey cops, leave the speeders alone and go catch some criminals!

6/6/8 -- Here's a new photo, first one I've added in a while! It may or may not be a photoshop trick, but if it's real it's one of the coolest wrecks I've ever seen!

10/4/6 -- Need spare parts for a brown / burgundy / maroon colored Toyota Camry? This guy has 4 spare cars! I've seen him driving the 5th one in the driveway. The 4 spare cars in a row have been there since 1999, and maybe longer. That's when I first saw them there.

7/20/6 -- Here's the current sign that Richard "Agee" Maxwell has displayed in his front window. WHAT is this supposed to mean? " NIKE PSYCHE VENUS, STARRING DR. MORPHEUS AS MERCURY MAXWELL "?

3/22/6 -- Here's a pill that most of us need to use, at least once in a while!

11/24/5 -- Here's a photo from the Martian rovers that are exploring on Mars. Or maybe someone made it on their computer.

10/28/5 -- I found this picture recently. It's mildly amusing. The idiot who made it couldn't make up his mind on how to spell "hamster", as it changes several times throughout the story.

7/19/5 -- Some would say that this photo applies to my website and webshow. But since they're not paying me, who cares what they think?

4/3/5 -- This sign has been posted on Coxcomb Hill Road in Oakmont, PA for at least 7 years that I know of, and probably longer. But I never had a camera with me until today.
UPDATE - 4/1/23 - the guy who lived there died, and this sign has been gone for a couple years now.

10/19/4 -- One forklift, plus a big military BOMB, equals a forklift driver who definitely had to change his underwear after this happened!

9/29/4 -- I know a lot of people who have earned this award!

9/13/4 - Here's a billboard that I thought was very amusing and true.

7/2/4 - I've always said there are a lot of stupid people in this world. Here's one of them!

1/19/4 - This picture is of a billboard that I thought was very profound and motivational. I can see this applying to my website and webshow, as well as other areas of life. So think about it.

1/7/4 - Here's a new picture. It's a modified version of the Mini Cooper billboards I used to see in Pittsburgh when the Mini Coopers first came out. I like this one better!

6/2/03 - This section gets its first 2 photos. These are of Richard "Agee" Maxwell and his art, Which are featured in Episodes 15 and 16 of "Online Video".

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