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People say this site looks like it was built in 1999. It was actually made in late 2002. When someone offers to redesign it at a reasonable price, and if I like it, then I'll change it. Otherwise, this is fine. :)

Looks like I'm not doing very well on the Google Page Rank thing.

I'm not satisfied until you're not satisfied.

4/1/18-Triple Holiday! It's the 15 YEAR Anniversary of this website and web series, and it is also April Fools Day and Easter!

12/31/17 -- Just in time for the new year, I have finally released Episode #183! Start your new year off right by seeing it now! :)

Look around the different pages of the site, I finally did some long overdue updating on some of them! Nothing huge, just minor changes.

Ever since the old Canon ZR45MC camera died, I've been using a newer Canon Vixia HFR600 to shoot the episodes. Due to its mp4 format, and Windows Movie Maker 2.6 not working in widescreen resolutions, each video since #177 looks horizontally squashed. So I might be changing my editing program. Someone suggested the free version of AVS Suite, but I haven't tried it on an actual episode yet.

With the huge rise in Bitcoin prices this year, it has become much more profitable to mine, so I am getting back into it. Read below:

The history of Bitcoin interactive slide show.

In case no one read the "Contact LMT" page, questions can be sent to .

Think of how stupid the average person is, then realize that half of them are stupider than that! -- George Carlin

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